he most amazing thing about playing a Steel Pan is that it is both a percussion instrument and a tuned one…so it’s a bit like a metal Marimba then ? …well sort of but of course it’s not normal to have an entire Orchestral range with just Marimba’s but with a Steel Band that’s exactly what is possible.

The full range of notes in a Steel Band goes from 2 octaves below middle C to 3 octaves above it, starting with the Bass Pans the instruments go up in range through Tenor Bass, Triple Cello. Double Guitars, Double Seconds, Double Tenors and finally to the highest Pan the Tenor which has the same range as a Flute. So the repertoire of a good band will encompass the Pop standards, Jazz, Choral favourites, Orchestral works as well as the Pantrinbago hits from the home of pan, Trinidad.

It’s a great way to make lasting friendships and gain confidence in performing in public, there’s a lot to learn apart from the music such as presentation skills, the ability to work as a team, patience and support for junior players and lastly how to smile even when you are tired, hot and being filmed by a TV crew!!

Information regarding school and private workshops is on the Workshops page… Also possible are Steel Band Team Building Workshops for both private companies and public organisations, the special focus will be on building skills within your team, leaning from each other, trusting the skills each member of the team has will bring the project success.

Maybe you would like to sponsor a workshop or offer your services to help the Academy along its way, it would be a sure fire way to get your business noticed as there’s no way anyone walks past a Steel band without having a look !!