he NZ Steel pan Academy presents an amazing opportunity to experience Pan. Steel Pan lessons The student will have the opportunity to learn all of the instruments that make up a steel band ie Bass/Cello/Guitars/Double Seconds/Double Tenor and finally the Tenor. It will not be necessary for the student to own their own Pans as these will be provided along with the mallets appropriate for each instrument by the Academy, nor will they be required to practice at home (your parents and your neighbours might be thankful for this!) as the approach that I utilises to teach pan (based on the Suzuki technique) means that that the players come together as a band once a week after their individual lessons to cement their learning. At present it will not be possible to sit the ABRSM Steel Pan exams, due to the fact that this Academy will be the first teaching school for Pan in NZ . It will take some time to establish Pan here before we will be able to offer these exams. However the same rigorous approach to repertoire, scales and studies will be followed meaning your students will achieve over time the same high standards seen in other instrumental lessons.

Steel Pans are remarkably easy to play at the beginning stages therefore it will be evident early on in the development of a band that the musical skills being gained are both unique in that it will be possible to get a large scale orchestral piece to a performing standard more swiftly than on conventional instruments but also valuable in terms of how the aural and performing skills aid more traditional musicianship.

Participation in festivals and school concerts are a wonderful way to celebrate publicly the progress and musicianship of your band, I have undertaken many tours both in the UK and Europe the most recent being in 2011 to take part in the Bremen Music Festival, Germany.

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