Here are a couple of adjudications from past performances I have directed,



“The Whitney Houston number had a wonderful atmosphere,dynamic contrasts are superbly controlled and the end was especially stunning, a wonderful performance . Thank you”


“Delivered with real Panache, the style and atmosphere of a typicla Spanish piece was well caught. Excellent percussion, lovely agile playing- this is an excellent Steel band with well kept instruments and good leadership.”

MR ROB GWYNNE - Head of School Development, Church of England Deputy General Secretary, Westminster, London

“an exceptionally talented teacher, examination results were first class, energetic, talented and well rounded….self starter, reliable, compassionate, caring, enthusiastic, trustworthy and dedicated….an asset to any organisation…highly professional.”

MR T ANDREWS - Head teacher John Bunyan School

“Mrs Titmuss is an excellent professional, always smartly dressed, arrives at school very early and is usually one of the last to leave and is thus well prepared for her lessons, she exhibits a total commitment to her role and carries that commitment into action with a very high level of concept awareness, energy and stamina. Mrs Titmuss is an excellent classroom teacher (she) shows an exceptional level of rapport, due to her encouragement the school steel band has reached National Championship level.”


“Dear Marion, I hope you will forgive a letter out of the blue from a complete stranger but I had to write to say how much I enjoyed the performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (London) I felt that that the John Bunyan School Steel Band did exceptionally well, the players showed a high degree of professionalism and technical skill, raising the hair on the back of my neck more than once with the sheer convincing felicity of the playing-your hard work has not gone unappreciated.”

KIT WILSON - External Affairs Coordinator, Newmont Waihi Gold

“I first heard Pan Pana at a community concert. They were tight, professional, enthusiastic, and a real crowd pleaser with their very special style of music. I had no hesitation in booking them for an outdoor street party. This type of event is never easy, there’s lots of noise and lots of other distractions. Pan Pana were excellent. They coped with the inconveniences without complaint and delivered a set which is still being talked about. I would have no hesitation in booking this group again, and commend them without reservation to anybody looking for something different. You won’t be disappointed.”