C orporate and Team building Workshops Whatever your business, it’s vital that everyone shares a common interest in being a team player, sharing a vision and trusting that everyone in the team has a role to play. Performing in a musical group highlights all of these vital business skills and a Steel Pan workshop is a relatively inexpensive way to develop better ways of working that directly translate back into your business being more successful. Workshops can be tailored to whatever you want as a business focus, typically they last a whole day with the participants being split into two groups to compete in a “Battle of the Bands” final performance! We expect that the success of the workshop will be evident from the smiles all round however apart from the fun to be had we trust that the opportunity to play Pan as a group will:

• Foster motivation, communication support and trust
• Enable discussions around teamwork and the roles we take on in business settings
• The bonding together of colleagues through difficult challenges and out of the ordinary experiences!
• Better communication and listening skills

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